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Our Company and products

Aristar is a Polish (EU) manufacturer of precisely tailored boot liners and floor liners with a high protective lip for over 1,000 car models.

We offer our 3D products in several designs and qualitative versions. Our boot liners and floor liners are designed to perfectly fit the protected car boot and floor area. Our products feature high resistance to wear, functionality and aesthetics. Our offer is constantly enlarged with the appearance of new car models on the market.

Our offer comprises boot liners and floor liners with a high protective lip, extra thick and heavy duty boot liners with an extra high protective lip as well as cargo liners for delivery vans.

Our products have won the recognition of domestic and foreign customers and are present on many European markets.

Company history

We have been operating in the automotive industry for over 30 years. We produce, develop and sell boot and floor liner for over 25 year.

For almost 20 years, we have been the official supplier of boot liners for the FIAT automobile concern in Poland. We have a similarly long history of cooperation with many partners from the domestic market and other European markets.

Long period of production activity allowed us to gather wide experience, bring together a team of experienced co-employees and get familiar with the market and needs of our Clients.

We constantly improve our products and expand the offer of available models.

Our activity

The entire production process, both designing and manufacturing of car boot and floor liners takes place in our production plant in Poland (Częstochowa) using modern machinery and equipment, based on the quality management policy confirmed by the ISO 9001 certificate.

The production process starts from the design phase. Carefully determined size and shape allows us to develop a product perfectly fitted to a particular car model.

When creating new projects, we strive to improve our products, taking into account not only our own observations and experience but also customer feedback. Finished car boot and floor liners are thoroughly tested before being introduced to our sales offer.

For over a dozen years, we present our products at the international car industry fairs organized in Europe.

Our strenghts

  • a wide range of boot liners, floor liners and cargo liners, precisely tailored to over 1.000 car models,
  • high quality of products,
  • ISO 9001 certificate for production, development and sale of boot liners, cargo & floor liners,
  • rapid in-house product development,
  • short and reliable delivery times,
  • professional team with a specialist knowledge about products.


To give our Customers the assurance that choosing our product is a good decision, in 2006 we obtained the ISO 9001 certificate. This document certifies that our company meets the requirements set by this international standard for the quality management system in the organization.

By combining a modern management system in the design, production and sale of car boot and floor liners with customer oriented service, we offer our Clients the highest quality products.