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Boot liners high-sided Heavy Duty

  • material PE PREMIUM
  • does not contain toxic substances
  • does not contain toxic plasticizers
  • does not cause toxic emission

Bed liner features:

High-sided Aristar Guardliner boot liners are a heavy duty solution to protect the car’s boot interior:

  • tailored to fit the boots of respective car models,
  • produced from the highest quality, durable, extra thick and additionally strengthened plastic raw material,
  • extremely durable, waterproof, odourless, resistant to high and low temperatures, oils and chemical spillage,
  • highest quality materials used and perfect design ensure that shape and fit remain unchanged, even after years of use,
  • a 30 cm high wall, stable shape and fit effectively trap water and dirt and protect the boot walls from damaging, even when transporting high loads,
  • a 10 cm high wall at the loading area allows for easy loading,
  • rigid but also flexible enough and light to allow for easy installation or removal e.g. for cleaning,
  • suitable for tradesmen like repair crews, decorators, indoor painters, gardeners or for handymen but also perfect for everyday use when carrying shopping, gardening products and sport equipment,
  • easy to clean: just wipe with a cloth or hose down,
  • fully recyclable.