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Boot liners Standard

  • basic material PE
  • does not contain toxic substances
  • does not contain toxic plasticizers
  • does not cause toxic emission

Boot liner features:

Aristar Standard boot liners protect the car’s boot interior:

  • perfectly tailored to fit the boots of respective car models,
  • offered for over 1.000 car models,
  • produced from durable and flexible plastic raw material,
  • with an anti-slip mat in the middle of a boot liner,
  • waterproof, resistant to high and low temperatures,
  • precise design ensures a stable shape and fit,
  • high protective lip around the edge and stable shape and fit ensure trapping water and dirt and effectively protect the original boot’s carpet,
  • flexible and light so can easily be installed / removed into / from the boot as well as rolled up for storage or transportation,
  • designed to enable to use the tie down hooks and rails fixing systems in the boot.